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How are you doing Kolkata? We at BookBajar welcome Kolkata to the world of reading and knowledge.

At BookBajar, an Initiative by IEM and TECHNO INDIA Students and Alumni who thought beyond their mainstream career, and about peoples’ convenience.
“A Book worth reading is worth buying.”
Why struggle in the traffic of Kolkata and hassle through the streets of College Street when we are offering you the same at better reasonable prices, both new and old books how you want them. Thus saving you a lot of time and all the unnecessary travel expenses. Do not judge a book by its old cover; what matters is the knowledge within. Books never age. Now just at its inception, we at BookBajar accept Cash on Delivery only when you have the book provided at your doorstep.
Buy more! Read more! Because Reading Books is contagious!

“You cannot buy happiness, but you can buy books. And that’s kind of the same thing.”

Happy Reading!!


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